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Our Story

My grandfather purchased a bounce house years ago with hopes of starting a rental business. Unfortunately time and illness prevented his from doing so.

Years later I met my now wife who had children from a previous relationship. She wanted to have a party for her son and needed a bouncer.

I dug out the one my grandpa bought years ago. As we stood and watched the kids scream and laugh with excitement, she turned to me and said.. "Why don't YOU start the business.."  I thought about watching my grandpa struggle with it. It was heavy and hard work. My grandpa was one who believed character was built from hard work which is why he didn't mind. I however was not keen on hard labor. I pondered the idea for months. I thought of the many struggles my own parents faced with their business. In talking with my dad one day he said "Son, I'd rather work 60 hours for myself than 40 hours for someone else. The world needs more people who are willing to take the challenge."

That night I told my girlfriend about it and her daughter said "We should call it Jumping Puppies." My girlfriend said, "Puppies don't jump like you monkeys do."

That night Jumping Monkeys was born.

Within the year we had purchased all we needed and set off on this endeavor.  The rest is history.

 Jumping Monkeys has become a well-known bounce house and water slide rental service in Lubbock. What started out as just an idea has developed into one of the most successful businesses in the area.  The Garza's were married 3 years later and have added 3 more monkeys and 2 more businesses. 

We’re proud of the family business that we’ve created. Its been an exciting journey and we absolutely love what we do! 

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